Space coop survival to the extreme.

The first self published game from Diesel Games, Eriath is expanding Diesel Games into the coop survival genre.

Eriath Lore

The year is 2145 and civilizations on Earth have developed unimaginable technological advancements that allow travel, career opportunities and adventures beyond the restrictions of our atmosphere. Adventurers are blasting through the open space transporting goods and passengers in state of the art space ships. Unfortunately, the Eriath isn’t one of those.

Something We Can Afford!!! Something We Can Afford!!!

Not wanting to be left out of the action, you and your inexperienced crew, scrounged all your money together and purchased the Eriath, a late model hauler that was scheduled for scraps. As you and your rookie crew set into the vast open space to deliver your cargo and live the space dream, disastrous events start occurring throughout the ship.

What a Horrible Ship What a Horrible Ship

You must scramble to extinguish fires, fix hull breaches, and make difficult decisions that will affect you and your crew. Will you have what it takes to survive? Probably not, but you’ll have a blast trying.

Oh My! Oh My!

Gather up to five of your friends and struggle to keep your cargo safe from pirates, your crew safe from alien abduction, and to keep this ship from completely falling apart.


Exciting and Challenging Gameplay Exciting and Challenging Gameplay

Eriath is a cooperative survival game. You and the other players are challenged throughout the game in order to keep the ship from falling apart. You will need to strategize and coordinate your actions to extinguish fires, combat aliens and pirates, fix hull breaches and more. Use your character’s strengths to overcome the many obstacles that you face.

You have to be a little "off" to want to be on the Eriath You have to be a little “off” to want to be on the Eriath

Each playable character has their own special abilities and characteristics. In addition to those, a strength and weakness card are drawn to modify gameplay for each character. Overcome the weaknesses by working together as a team in order to win the game.

No Game Will Be The Same! No Game Will Be The Same!

Multiple disaster cards will be drawn at the end of each turn, throughout the game causing the players to scramble to put out fires, fight Aliens and Pirates, restore power and more. Do you like a challenge? Then Eriath is the game for you!

We are Doomed! We are Doomed!

There are so many ways to lose Eriath, but only one way to win…

You must survive!

Get your hands on the Eriath Rulebook today! Get your hands on the Eriath Rulebook today!

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